Cannes,Creative,Scam by Thor Santisiri, Translated by Thaiads


In Cannes 2009 there are the total amount of creative work round 22,000 work pieces which could be average to 20,000 baths per piece. Consequently they could be total 400 MB (1USD=35Baht) , excluding the entrance fee 100,000 baht per person. So if there were participating 8,000 people , it could be sum up to 800 MB. All the hotel reservation have to make via Cannes. In this case when you made a reservation on your own you paid 5,000 bth/night but if you did it via Cannes , the cost would be increased to 9,000 bth/night. Moreover if you choose the sea viewed hotel , the price would be rise to 40,000 bth/night. For the prize , If you had won it , you will definitely received a lion but if you want to own more , it will be sure that you have to pay about 40,000 – 50,000 bth./piece

Who get the profit from these ?

Client For Thailand , the client will attend a very short terms of reputation because receiving the award doesn’t mean the succeed. The main reason is because this award is judge by the committee , 20 people , from all over the world.
For Agency If you are an international , the reputation goes to the mother company because these awards could be evaluate to stock market.

In Thailand these award reflect the reputation among advertising creative which did not effect any factor to clients or you could say client would not come to you only because you won Cannes.

For creative they got fame , proud or they might be interested by others agency.

Consequently , France takes all the advantage from the worldwide creative which you could earn a billion in a week. Metaphorically Cannes is like the product of Louis Vuitton , you are not only bought the product because you could back home with the proud and the ego within. And even you are own them or not all the good point always bring in Loise Vuitton ‘s favour

But please do not get me wrong , I do not against of having an ego even the Cannes because anyway you cant resist that it impulses our advertising filed.

For all of this I just would like to warn you that you should attend this award with conscious and please be aware that they earn a lot on your ego.

When you want award so bad. It drive you to make Scam Ad which costs production , retouching , printing and sending fee for over million baths. I just hope that one day we still remember what is the core of advertising is it for award or is it for increase client’s market share.

To sum up with quote from K. Mum , Suthon Petchsuwann “It will be lookdown to my work , if it can only impress the foreigner committee instead of being talk of the town in my homeland ”

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